• Iode


    A silent, malevolent looking figure wearing a high facial cover, and glaring a look of calculative interest with a pair of machine eyes set deep into the dark ringed sockets. An imposing mental presence hangs thick in the air.
  • Puddlesneaker Blackwit

    Puddlesneaker Blackwit

    At first glance, a somewhat tall halfling with a curious eye and mischevious expression.
  • Andrastil Drarongkin

    Andrastil Drarongkin

    A slightly pale elf, bearing a smirk, with a taste for good clothes.
  • Anon


    A large perplexed golem with knowledge of many things and memories that are not its own.
  • Archimedes


    An interface of multiple glowing plates float in front of you; they slowly take the shape of an abstract face.
  • Athena


    A nimble, dexterous construct with an acerbic wit and quick blade.
  • Barek der Steinbar

    Barek der Steinbar

    A heavily muscled man with stone-like skin; his laugh shakes the ground.
  • Capt. Railan "the Ram" Nightsbane

    Capt. Railan "the Ram" Nightsbane

    This man's pale green eyes betray his otherwise young body.
  • Deirdre Kodak

    Deirdre Kodak

    Lithe, scarlet-haired woman with a mischievous twinkle in her eye and a hand on her hilt.
  • Ellyjobel "Fizzle" Daergle

    Ellyjobel "Fizzle" Daergle

    Quick-witted and covered in grease, this smiling female gnome in overalls can't help but spread mirth.
  • Erin Claddt'tar [DECEASED]

    Erin Claddt'tar [DECEASED]

    A wild half-elven woman with a quick temper and incorrigible smile.
  • Findihvre Tesslo [MIA]

    Findihvre Tesslo [MIA]

    A devout cleric of Pelor, this elven woman cares deeply for those around her.
  • Gonff, Prince of Thieves

    Gonff, Prince of Thieves

    A light-haired easy-going human with a lust for shiny things and disregard for nearly everything else.
  • Haptor Greenswallow [DECEASED]

    Haptor Greenswallow [DECEASED]

    Dark-haired elan with a determined look in his eye and electricity crackling between his fingers.


    Nothing is known about this mysterious serial killer save for their mark: KEIRG
  • Lady Death

    Lady Death

    A true femme fatale dressed in black leather with her face covered by an ebony mask.
  • Loexvi Beminic

    Loexvi Beminic

    A serious and stout dragonborn in a plain white tunic, always grimacing.
  • Lt. Silth Dartaknar

    Lt. Silth Dartaknar

    A haunted man with silver streaks in his hair, his eyes burn brightly but dart to and fro in suspicion.
  • Maliron Narrel

    Maliron Narrel

    With a smile revealing fangs and a pulsing black glow emanating from his chest, this otherwise handsome man chuckles at you.
  • Malkavian / Eliathanis [DECEASED]

    Malkavian / Eliathanis [DECEASED]

    Babbling to himself in a language half-elven and half-nonsensical in origin, this elf is both ageless and covered in gross amalgamations of tattered clothing and mud.
  • Matthew Jameson

    Matthew Jameson

    A quiet young man with a cropped military haircut, his eyes reveal his intelligence and intrigue though he says nothing.
  • Morlicantha


    A beautiful, vibrant, elven woman with a streak of silver running through her red hair and a serious tone to her voice.
  • Nwalma of Ertai [DECEASED?]

    Nwalma of Ertai [DECEASED?]

    A smaller than normal warforged with curious crystals positioned throughout and a calm demeanor.
  • Randall Tainn [DECEASED?]

    Randall Tainn [DECEASED?]

    A naive, optimistic young man with tousled blonde hair.
  • Randolph C. Plymouth [DECEASED]

    Randolph C. Plymouth [DECEASED]

    A mousy young man with thick glasses and a penchant for reading.
  • Shikar M'onel

    Shikar M'onel

    A shady character with an indistinctive face and soiled clothes.
  • Shiredai the Wanderer

    Shiredai the Wanderer

    A tanned, middle-aged man with salt and pepper hair and an indifferent stare.
  • Soveliss Nailo [DECEASED?]

    Soveliss Nailo [DECEASED?]

    An elven man with a hand on the hilt of his sword and quickly darting eyes.
  • Tavesh Claddt'tar

    Tavesh Claddt'tar

    A bald, older drow with a gaunt expression of hopelessness.
  • The Scribe [DECEASED]

    The Scribe [DECEASED]

    A nondescript and bald changeling with blank, bulbous white eyes.
  • Tyler Sands

    Tyler Sands

    Known only by the rough description of a scoundrel with dirty blonde hair.
  • Vandal Mason / "Famine"

    Vandal Mason / "Famine"

    A pale woman with an air of superiority beneath an ebony and ivory mask.